Foley: Professional Foley Artist. Fast, accurate, creative, innovative. Foley is my trade and craft. My passion is to illuminate the hidden storytelling dimensions of your project with the sense of touch.

Sound Design:  Everything--clean up your production sound, edit and replace dialogue, build whole sonic environments, develop unique and highly specific effects, foley, enhance mood and impact, mix, master, and otherwise sweeten audio to tell your story.



Music:  Above applies--engineer and produce, mix, & master your demo, single, entire album, film score, or anything else.  My process is fully adaptive, with emphasis on the needs of your project.  I'll compose a string quartet or, like, program an erudite synth and some skull-defying beats, or, say, melt your nanny’s panties with a thoughtful trombone solo, for instance.



Songwriting:  Background in classical, jazz, pop, folk, rock&roll, hip hop, experimental, all over the map, funk, chiptune--broad appreciation of song styles, history, craftsmanship.  I work hard to get yer song resonating with rightness for its intended audience.